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About Us

CSHRED is the premier hard drive shredding service in the Mid-Atlantic. Our state-of-the-art shred trucks offer unsurpassed technology, transparency, and accountability in self contained on-site shredding vehicles.

Years in The Business

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Operated by C2 Management

CSHRED is owned and operated by CIE International L.L.C dba C2 Management. You can learn more about C2 and all of our services at www.tryc2.com. If you need asset recovery, electronics recycling, or data destruction – We’ll C2 It!

How We Started

The idea for CSHRED was fostered out of the necessity for 100% secure data eradication from hard drives and other devices. C2 saw a need and decided to build a custom mobile data shredding unit that could shred drives on-site without using customer resources. What came out of it was much better than we could have anticipated. The vehicles have a large volume shredder, complete surveillance system, proprietary serial tracking & reporting system, and self-contained power generation. Before our trucks leave the customer will receive a complete hard copy certificate of destruction and a video documenting the entire process.

Other Services Offered

Asset Recovery

We purchase or consign your surplus equipment.


C2 can handle all aspects of asset removal from your location.

Electronics Recycling

We recycle all un-usable assets to end commodities for re-use in new products.