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Destruction Services For Every Need

We can handle Hard Drive, Media, and Product Destruction at your site or ours!

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On-Site Shredding

Whether shredding standard or solid state (SSD) hard drives we can meet your requirements.

Standard Hard Drives

We can degauss then shred standard hard drives to 1/2″ at a rate of up to 800 drives per hour.

Solid State Hard Drives (SSD's)

We can shred SSD’s at a rate of over 100 drives per hour. SSD’s can be shredded down to the 2mm NSA standard for solid state media destruction.

Cell Phones and Tablets

We can destroy cell phones at a rate of 1000 or more per hour. Batteries will be removed prior to shredding.

Tapes, DVD's, Media

We can destroy all of your physical media from used tapes to USB drives.

Product Destruction

We can destroy all products large or small. If you are concerned about data, intellectual property, or excess product we have you covered.

On-Site Destruction

We can destroy most data containing devices at your location. For larger devices we may suggest shredding at our facility with witnessed destruction. We can offer secure transportation services.

Larger Items

At our facility we can destroy large items and recycle the destroyed material.

large Volume Shredding

Whether you have a lot to destroy or just a little we have you covered.


We can dismantle your proprietary products to remove standard parts for re-use. We will recycle all proprietary parts.

Audit Trail & Certification

We provide certificates of destruction and video of all jobs. With our service risk is mitigated and compliance is audit-able.

NAID Certified Destruction

All of the CSHRED destruction vehicles operated by C2 Management are NAID AAA certified for mobile data destruction.

Certificate of Destruction

We provide a completed serialized inventory and certificate of destruction for each job.


We provide video on-site at the end of each job. The video displays multiple points of view and provides an extra layer of audit-able security.

Data Points

We can capture other data points that you need to be tracked and provide it in an excel file or with the certificate of destruction.


“After taking over recycling from our IT department, the first obstacle I faced was finding a fail proof way to disposed of data. I needed a way to verify the data destruction, produce records of the destruction, and have the work performed onsite. Researching companies with shred trucks, I discovered C2 Management. It was the C2 Shred System that first made C2 Management a viable option for my organization. Not only did they document the drive information for items being destroyed they video taped the whole process from many different point of views!  Once completed, they provided a certificate of destruction and a copy of the video right from the truck! Thanks for making it simple to destroy data! Keep up the great work!!”
Joel Stevens
Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the
Advancement of Military Medicine

We would be glad to discuss your specific needs!

Let us ensure your data liabilities for end of life devices and products are non-existent!

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